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Ein Brief von Linda Tellington-Jones an das Gestüt Assad-Arabians


Dear Margrit and Bernd, Thank you so much for the wonderful seminar you organized the first weekend in September. As usual, the people you attracted to Assad Arabians were especially interesting – such attentive and caring horse people.

I want to compliment you, Margrit, for the way you handle the stallions. Even though there were 80 people watching, Enshala was so cooperative and confident. And of course, I had a great time riding him bareback with only a neckring – even though he had not been ridden for many months. I was doubly impressed when we went to visit Tarik on Monday. To have a breeding stallion stand in the pasture in the middle of many strangers, yet be completely interested and careful how he moved among us, speaks so well for the way your horses are handled.

Bernd, you breed horses with such excellent temperaments. I was remembering how completely confident Tarik was the very first time he was mounted. I felt as though I was riding a mature stallion on the Syrian Desert. The memory is a treasured one. Roland and I were thinking, if we were home in Hawaii more, we would want to take two young Tarik daughters back with us. We’ll just have to keep dreaming.

We look forward to another weekend with you in the future. Have a wonderful vacation in Hawaii. We wish we could be home to return your hospitality, but at least we hope you enjoy our pool and visiting with our dog, Rayne.

Much love and Aloha,

Linda Tellington-Jones

(P.S.)Sorry this is not in German, but perhaps you can translate it for your web site so seminar participants can read it.